NOT GUILTY: Robbery of Stash House (U.S. v. T.B)

T.B. and three others were charged with conspiring to rob 100 kilograms of cocaine and $70,000 from a drug dealer’s house. One of the defendants pleaded guilty and turned state’s evidence. T.B. and the remaining two defendants went to trial. T.B. was represented by another attorney at trial.

All three defendants were convicted. Attorney White handled T.B.’s sentencing. Although the government sought 30 years in prison, White was able to obtain a sentence of about 11 years for T.B. All three defendants appealed. Their cases were reversed and a new trial was ordered. T.B. was the only defendant to go through a second trial, as the other defendants pleaded guilty before the re-trial.

T.B. rejected the government’s offer to plead guilty in exchange for no additional prison time. If convicted again, T.B. faced a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years. The jury returned a NOT GUILTY verdict.