San Diego Theft Crimes Lawyer

Theft involves the action of someone taking property that is not theirs from another person or from a location. There are times when someone commits theft by stealing something physical like a credit card or laptop. Theft can occur with things that are not physical, such as identity theft.  Someone who is charged with theft can either be charged with felony theft or misdemeanor theft, depending on the value of what they stole and the circumstances surrounding the theft itself. In general, when there is money involved in a theft (especially large sums of money) the consequences are much more severe.

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The defense against a theft charge is built on evidence the prosecution has and how they obtained it. Sometimes what appears to be a theft situation can be much more complex. Things get even more complicated when the only perspective is that of the person who made the arrest or accusation. Often, the defense will conduct an independent investigation to get a better understanding of what happened and expand the client’s options.

There are usually two sides to every story, so sorting through all the details of a case is extremely important so that the judge and jury understands the defendant’s perspective if it differs from that of the arresting officer or official. Your story deserves to be heard, even though the charges might seem intimidating or impossible to overturn. There are times when a simple misunderstanding can turn into major consequences for the accused who might not understand what happened. Don’t let that someone be you.

You need a theft attorney

It is important to hire an attorney who is willing to do the proper investigation in order to understand exactly what happened, what their client’s actions were and how valid the theft charges are.  Because the consequences of being found guilty of theft can range from paying a fine to being permanently labeled as a felon or, even worse, serving jail time, it is imperative that you have someone in your corner to defend you and to present your case before the court.

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There are many options available to someone who is facing theft charges.The proper legal representation will try to make a plea bargain, and work for a sentence reduction or get the charges dismissed altogether.  If you are being accused of theft, it is possible to win your case and to be heard, especially if the charges have been assigned due to false accusations. Don’t take the chance that you will be found guilty.