San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyer

San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyer

If You’ve Been Accused of Domestic Violence, You Need to Talk to a San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyer. We May Be Able to Help. 

A San Diego domestic violence lawyer may be able to help if you’ve been accused of domestic violence. Being accused of domestic violence is stressful, and you need help to get through this time. Domestic violence charges can range from a misdemeanor to a felony, and in some cases, a conviction can result in a criminal record or jail time. Talking to a San Diego domestic violence lawyer is the smartest move you can make as soon as you are accused. 

san diego domestic violence lawyer

The last thing you want to do is try to navigate the court system on your own. Self-representation rarely works out the way it does in the movies. The San Diego, California legal system is complex and favors those with experience and knowledge, and California courts take abuse and domestic violence very seriously. A San Diego domestic violence lawyer can ensure all your paperwork is filed on time and plan a sound defense strategy for this particularly complicated and nuanced area of law. Having an attorney can leave you time to focus on your family. 

Domestic violence cases are comprised of people who are, or were, in a relationship (be it romantic or not), where one person causes harm to the other. Whether or not the relationship is current, or if they are a member of your family, is irrelevant. Attorney Brian J. White has handled numerous domestic violence cases for San Diego, California, clients over the years and are ready to handle any scenario. Some divorces can become messy, and domestic violence accusations can arise. attorney Brian J. White has experience in this area. 

Regardless of your relationship with the accuser, knowing you are facing domestic violence charges can make your life extremely difficult. The uncertainty of your future, combined with the stress from dealing with children or division in the family, comes at a high cost. An abuse conviction can leave you with a criminal record, making it hard to find work, get an apartment, or purchase a firearm. 

If drugs or alcohol abuse were involved in your case, this could make things even more difficult. Having a San Diego domestic violence lawyer by your side can ensure your rights are protected, and you are presenting the strongest defense possible. Let attorney Brian J. White experience work for you.

The difficulty in many San Diego domestic abuse cases is the fact they happen behind closed doors. In a home or apartment, where there are no other witnesses, anything can happen, and this very fact makes it difficult for legal representation on either side to sort fact from fiction. It can be even more complicated when there is a child involved. Sometimes parents will try to influence the child, who is, in some cases, the only witness. These cases must be approached delicately by an attorney, and our domestic violence lawyers are equipped to handle them properly. Domestic abuse is severe, and every decision must be considered carefully.

If you’re looking for representation for domestic violence charges, be they misdemeanor or felony, contact our San Diego domestic violence lawyers today. Don’t risk a conviction, a criminal record, or even jail time, without putting up the best defense possible. Our associates have handled numerous domestic violence court cases over the years, and have the legal knowledge and experience to help you! 


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