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From the outset of his tenure representing me, Mr. White always showed compassion and a sincere willingness to listen. He made it clear from the beginning that he was on my side and would explore all options to either get me off my case or get me the best possible result. In this trying time for my family, my wife felt very comfortable moving forward with him as our counsel after she was able to sit down and get to know him a little. I was still incarcerated at the time she hired him, so we had no choice but to put our complete faith in him. And he did not let us down one bit. I was being held in jail on a $17 million bail and he was able to get it reduced to an amazingly low $50,000! The courtroom buzzed in disbelief as he seemingly did the impossible…

Thuan Du

While a client of Mr. White’s, I observed the diligence and passion he put forth in the performance of his work, which was also a reflection of his sensibilities and character. Mr. White not only strives and exalts in every aspect of his career, but also shows compassion for his client’s welfare and well-being. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of advice and expert representation.

Max A.

Although I’ve had the misfortune of needing the services of a criminal defense lawyer, I have had the good fortune of finding Brian J. White. After first meeting with Brian, my fears and anxiety dissipated and I knew I was in good hands. He handled my matter quickly and efficiently and allowed me to move forward with my life. Over the years, I have had the chance to refer friends and family to Brian. Not only did he obtain excellent results for them, but he treated them with the same level of honesty, respect, and understanding he showed me. You can do no better than having Brian J. White in your corner.

Dan C.

I would highly recommend Brian J. White to anyone needing an attorney. Finding an attorney who is competent and who truly has the best interests of his client at the forefront is refreshing. Brian went out of his way to ensure that all my legal questions were answered and as a result even became a comfort to my family. Brian is well respected by the legal community, which was evidenced by the way the judge and opposing counsel listened to his remarks and thoughtfully considered his arguments. The court clearly respected his legal knowledge. Brian is very familiar with Federal practice and the sentencing guidelines, enough to persuasively present arguments for a substantial reduction to my sentence. I highly recommend Brian J. White as an attorney. I could not have received a sentence so favorable without his knowledge and diligence.

Jon Morein

Brian J. White represented me during a serious trial. It was a difficult time, yet his professionalism made me feel at ease. Seeing how he worked on my behalf really helped. He was genuinely concerned with my best interest and well-being throughout the entire ordeal, and even afterwards. He exceeded not only my expectations, but my family’s as well. And for that I will always be grateful.

Larry T.

Mr. White’s skills as a defense attorney are excellent. His experience, knowledge, and understanding of the justice system are impressive. Because of his experience, he is able to grasp the facts of situations quickly. His knowledge and intelligence allow him to present the best defense. Beyond those qualities, what makes him special is that he truly wants the best for his clients: he will be honest and realistic, but he also cares. He understands what criminal charges can do to a person’s life, and he will give it his best, because it is the right thing to do. His integrity is above reproach. In a system that favors the prosecution, Mr. White’s results speak for themselves. I recommend him highly to anyone.


In 2002, I found myself in need of a criminal attorney. I had unfortunately been involved with an individual who is mentally challenged and purportedly committed murder. She was ultimately convicted of murder and is serving life in prison. I found myself sitting in jail accused of accessory to murder along with elder abuse, arson, and commercial burglary. Brian J. White was referred to me by a friend and co-worker. With Brian’s legal expertise I was able to maneuver the criminal justice system and ultimately accepted a plea agreement. My family and I are extremely grateful for Brian’s help. Having never been in any kind of trouble, the situation was very overwhelming. Brian’s expertise as a criminal law specialist, his compassion, and dedication helped me and my family through this very difficult time. I’ve been able to move on despite the challenges of completing felony probation, paying restitution, and maintaining employment and substance abuse counseling. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone who has been charged with a serious felony and would gladly share my experience if requested.


Fighting a case and finding the right lawyer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Trust me, I know; I’ve been in your shoes! I’ve had many lawyers and none compare to Brian. When you get Brian you not only get a lawyer, you get a true friend. He will fight for you, tooth and nails. He will never railroad you by selling you out to the DA. And most importantly, he is someone you and your loved ones could trust 100%. He won me an acquittal on a murder case–how many lawyers have done that? You will have made the best decision of your life by hiring Brian.

Mario Ojito

I am almost at a loss of words to say for this lawyer who literally saved my life. I was falsely charged with sexual molestation for crimes I didn’t commit. Those false accusations subjected me to over 30 charges. If I had been convicted, I would have spent the rest of my life in prison. I felt like my life was over. But I put my complete trust and confidence in Brian and he was able to convince the jury of the truth. He proved my innocence and the jury found me not guilty of all charges. There is no better lawyer than Brian J. White.


Brian White is an excellent attorney. He helped prove my innocence when I was being accused of 10 molestation charges. He and his staff were very dedicated and helpful in investigating each false charge! If anything were to ever happen to me or anyone close to me, I would call Brian White again.


Mr. White has represented me and my family on two occasions. Both had positive outcomes. I utilized his services the second time because of the trust, understanding, and support given to me in the past. He always had our best interest in mind at the same time being fair and honest about the end result. What I appreciated most was his ability to not be judgmental and to offer compassion when working with us. I consider him my lawyer and if needed will utilize his services again.

Pamela S.
ken corathers
ken corathers
11:28 06 Nov 18
Brain is an amazing attorney and definitely worth the retainer amount. My son was offered four years in prison and four years supervised with the PD. Brian got the charges dropped! Also his paralegal Tonya was really helpful facilitating communication with my son in jail. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the office of Brian J. White to anyone who needs a criminal defense lawyer!read more
Roy Schwartz
Roy Schwartz
19:35 05 Oct 18
Every time I’ve called Brian white he’s been available and has always treated me like a friend. Thank you Brian.
Alejandro Solis
Alejandro Solis
05:42 17 Sep 18
Brian White and Tonya are the BEST!!! I didn’t know what to expect when I got in the mess I was in. They are very kind and helped me dismiss my case. I thought I was looking at doing time. Not only were they able to dismiss my case but were also able to keep my background clean as if never been convicted of a crime. They have gave me and my family the best possible outcome. All their hard work gave me a second chance and I am truely grateful they were the ones to handle my case. Definitely the best!! Would recommend any day! Thank you for your Kindness, Honesty, Respect and of course the Hard Work. They will not let you down!read more
22:20 21 Sep 17
Fast and Best Service Ever!!! I wanted to clear my records for a misdemeanor charge and Tonya was exceptionally helpful responds real fast and takes care of case and listens to you makes you understand things and I definitely recommend Tonya and the Brian J. Law service…read more
02:50 30 Mar 16
Mr. White and his staff are very kind and wonderful people to have on your side. Their rates are very reasonable and the service is excellent. I found him on the internet(yellow pages) and called his office. We had a meeting and he was very reasonable with his advice and his fee. I Trusted him and he did a good job. Furthermore, his staff helped me with making sure that the dismissal was off my record at no extra charge. All I can say is that Attorney White is a very honest person. He did not try to nickle and dime me. His word is as good as gold. He did everything in a timely fashion as well.read more
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Brian J White, Attorney at Law
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Paul M.
Paul M.
2018-12-06 12:25:24
Brian J. White, and his paralegal Tonya McKeown, are outstanding… They’re attentive, compassionate, knowledgeable, professional, and great…
Amira S.
Amira S.
2018-11-12 18:40:52
Honest attorney at law. Didn’t know those two words belonged in the same sentence until I met Brian White and his paralegal Tonya. They refused to take my…
Ken C.
Ken C.
2018-11-01 19:06:10
Brian (and his paralegal Tonya McKeown) were really amazing and helpful, on so many levels! Brian worked magic getting the charges dropped on my sons case….
Jesse G.
Jesse G.
2015-05-16 16:26:26
Brian J White law office helped me tremendously and with fast results. Everyone there was very friendly and helpful and BJW law office was truly a blessing…