NOT GUILTY: Murder (People v. J.H.)

J.H. was accused of hitting his girlfriend over the head with a liquor bottle and leaving her unconscious on the ground. Later, J.H. arrived at a backyard barbecue, where he had displayed a knife to some of the party-goers. J.H. became intoxicated and obnoxious and numerous guests asked him to leave. After J.H. refused to leave, he was escorted outside to the street. Several witnesses saw J.H. standing in the middle of the street, exchanging words with the host. A fight soon erupted and the host suffered a fatal stab wound to the heart. Another party-goer suffered a large laceration on his hip. J.H. was later arrested at his home. When he was arrested the same knife he had shown to the party-goers was in his pocket. DNA tests found the victim’s blood on the knife. J.H. was charged with domestic violence against his girlfriend, assault with a deadly weapon, and murder. The jury returned a NOT GUILTY verdict on all charges.