Defending Criminal Charges

If you are facing jail time, your criminal case is serious.  And nothing about your case should be taken lightly. The government has virtually unlimited resources at their disposal and is a powerful force against you. You can’t match the government dollar-for-dollar. But you do have an advantage over the government. Your advantage comes when you have an experienced and creative criminal defense lawyer on your side. The defense lawyer who understands your point of view, who knows the law, and who can creatively communicate your defense to a prosecutor, judge, or jury will be able to obtain the best outcome for you. Even in cases that seem hopeless, something can be done. What we want for you is a successful result.

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Successfully Defending Serious Criminal Cases

A successful defense requires thought, planning, and creativity. You and your lawyer must establish a strong relationship, one where you trust each other and know that you can be honest with each other. The successful criminal defense lawyer can put himself in your shoes and see the world from your point of view. But this takes time.  And it takes an excellent working relationship between you and your lawyer.

Good lawyers are thorough. They obtain and study all of the evidence the government has against you.  They assemble a team of investigators and experts to fit the needs of your defense. And after interviewing all relevant witnesses, consulting with appropriate experts, and examining all physical evidence, the successful lawyer will consider how to most effectively present your defense. Not having the government’s war chest, successful criminal lawyers rely on their ability to persuade others to see the case in a way that undermines the government’s case. The lawyer with that ability will maximize your chances for a successful result.

Our Approach

We do things a little different than many other criminal lawyers. Our goal isn’t to generate as many clients as we can. We are not a mill. In fact, our case selection criteria cause us to turn away more cases than we accept. By limiting the number of cases we accept, we are able to give each client the attention they need to receive proper representation. From a personal point of view, we strive to understand and address your worries and concerns. From a professional point of view, we work to achieve the best possible result for you. And by keeping you informed of significant developments in your case, we want you to know that you are not just another number to us—your case is serious and you have a lot at stake. In short, we treat you the way we would want to be treated if we were in your shoes.

Our Fees

The expense to successfully defend a serious criminal case depends on the nature of the case. In addition to attorney’s fees, your case might require additional expenses for investigation and expert witnesses. We are not the cheapest criminal defense firm, but we’re not the most expensive, either. We base our fees on the complexity of the case. But we keep our staff lean and our overhead low so we can maximize the benefit of your defense budget. We can usually provide you with a free quote after an initial consultation.

Our Experience

Brian J. White has over 20 years of experience and has successfully defended some of the most serious criminal cases there are, including murder, sex offenses, and drug crimes. He has used his creativity, communication skills, and talent for persuasion to successfully defend even the seemingly impossible case. Take a look at some of his results. Learn about his qualifications. Or read what some of his former clients have to say about him.

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