Thuan Du

From the outset of his tenure representing me, Mr. White always showed compassion and a sincere willingness to listen. He made it clear from the beginning that he was on my side and would explore all options to either get me off my case or get me the best possible result. In this trying time for my family, my wife felt very comfortable moving forward with him as our counsel after she was able to sit down and get to know him a little. I was still incarcerated at the time she hired him, so we had no choice but to put our complete faith in him. And he did not let us down one bit. I was being held in jail on a $17 million bail and he was able to get it reduced to an amazingly low $50,000! The courtroom buzzed in disbelief as he seemingly did the impossible.

What stood out to us was his lack of a personal agenda when it came to my best interest. We paid Mr. White up front to represent me through the preliminary hearing. Given the complexity of the case, and the number of defendants involved, none of us really knew how long this time would last. Mr. White told us that due to the magnitude of my case it might take over a year before going to a real trial. Unfortunately, he was right. It seemed like my case was dragging on and on. But during this time Mr. White continued to research my case and hound the District Attorney’s office on my behalf. He eventually negotiated what I thought was a good plea bargain. But to my surprise, Mr. White encouraged me NOT to accept that deal. He felt if we held out longer and went through with the preliminary hearing we could get an even better deal. I was ready to accept my original plea deal because a year of my life had been wasted on this case and mentally I was ready to just move on. But with his insistence, I agreed to go through with the hearing. As Mr. White predicted, my plea bargain got substantially better after the hearing!

Had Mr. White been looking out for his own agenda and best interest, I would have been stuck with a plea deal that wasn’t as good. Because we paid him upfront, the longer my case lasted, the more time and money it cost him. But he didn’t care about his own time and money, as evidenced by how he encouraged me to not accept the original plea deal and move forward with the preliminary hearing. That impressed me.

His kindness has turned him into a family friend and we would never hesitate to refer him to any of our friends or family. Finding a knowledgeable attorney isn’t hard. You could say they’re a dime a dozen. But Mr. White is not only at the top of his game as far as legal expertise and knowledge, but he also shows the human side that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Some of the other defendants in my case had to find new lawyers when their lawyers abandoned them. Mr. White not only stayed with me but juggled his schedule to accommodate me, particularly when I decided at the last minute to go through with the preliminary hearing--he immediately got on this phone and changed his schedule just to accommodate me.

In an industry that gets a bad rap, Mr. White’s style and professionalism is quite refreshing.



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