In 2002, I found myself in need of a criminal attorney. I had unfortunately been involved with an individual who is mentally challenged and purportedly committed murder. She was ultimately convicted of murder and is serving life in prison. I found myself sitting in jail accused of accessory to murder along with elder abuse, arson, and commercial burglary. Brian J. White was referred to me by a friend and co-worker. With Brian’s legal expertise I was able to maneuver the criminal justice system and ultimately accepted a plea agreement. My family and I are extremely grateful for Brian’s help. Having never been in any kind of trouble, the situation was very overwhelming. Brian’s expertise as a criminal law specialist, his compassion, and dedication helped me and my family through this very difficult time. I’ve been able to move on despite the challenges of completing felony probation, paying restitution, and maintaining employment and substance abuse counseling. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone who has been charged with a serious felony and would gladly share my experience if requested.



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