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Criminal Defense

If you are facing serious criminal charges in San Diego you need to put your future in the hands of an experienced San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer. Getting the right lawyer on your side could make all the difference in the outcome of your case. How do you know if you are talking to the right lawyer? Here are four simple questions you should ask and why you should ask them--before spending your money on a Criminal Defense Lawyer.

DUI Defense

If you are arrested for DUI in California you will face two separate actions against your drivers’ license. The first and most immediate action is an administrative action by the DMV. The second action is imposed after a court conviction.


California Bar

The California State Bar’s Legal Specialist Certification program helps you identify lawyers who are reputable, who have extensive experience with criminal cases, and who have the knowledge to competently handle your case. Brian J. White is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist. Contact us if you would like the advantage of having his experience on your side.

Criminal Defense Lawyer San Diego

A serious criminal charge can literally affect the rest of your life. Your family, your livelihood, and your freedom are all at stake. The most important thing you can do is get a Certified Criminal Law Specialist on your side. Many lawyers handle criminal cases, but only a select group can claim to be Specialists.

The California State Bar has strict ethical rules that prohibit lawyers from claiming to be a Criminal Law Specialist unless the State Bar itself has certified them as a Specialist. To obtain a designation as a Certified Criminal Law Specialist, lawyers must meet a rigorous set of criteria. They must have extensive experience in handling criminal cases. They must demonstrate exceptional knowledge in criminal law; in fact, they must pass a separate bar examination that tests their knowledge of criminal law. And they must receive favorable reviews from judges and other lawyers who are familiar with their work. Only then will the State Bar allow a lawyer to claim to be a Certified Criminal Law Specialist.

When you have a Certified Criminal Law Specialist on your side you can be confident that your case will be handled by a top-notch lawyer. Your case needs to be thoroughly investigated. Physical evidence needs to be evaluated. And if your case needs experts, they must be included on your defense team. A Certified Criminal Law Specialist who is prepared to go to court for you will be able to obtain the best possible result for your case.

Brian J. White has been certified as a Criminal Law Specialist by the California State Bar, Board of Legal Specialization. With over 20 years of practice, he has gained substantial trial experience defending the most serious of criminal cases, including murder, sex offenses, and drug charges.Contact us if you would like a California Certified Criminal Law Specialist to evaluate your case.